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Is Eli the key?

Kick off is almost underway. How will Eli respond to the pressure of his first playoff experience? As innacurate as his arm is at times, the  best quality he has shown is his poise under fire. The fourth quarter comeback he guided against Denver in game five's one point win changed the course of the whole season for the Giants. He has thrown some bad interception as well late in games, but the kid is able to brush it off and get ready for the next play in an almost Mariano Rivera kind of way. (I'm not comparing him to the great one, but you know what I mean.)

In the playoffs, it always seems to come down to turnovers, just look at yesterday's Redskin win. The key will be if Manning does not turn the ball over in the Red Zone. We have enough play-makers even without Shockey to put some points on the board, but the Giants can't afford to have Eli throw spit-fingered fastballs into a corner back's hand when we are in striking distance and our offense is almost always in striking distance. In the NFC we are #2 in yards-5787, #2 in points scored-26.4. #3 in rushing yards-2209. In the NFL we the # 3 best scoring offense overall.