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Cashman still considering Piazza

I haven't thought about this much, but apparently:

"I have not made a decision Cashman said. "We're still going through it. I'm obviously evaluating Mike and seeing if he fits where we're at at this point in time.

What's your feelings about that? Does he have anything left? I have no idea. I know he was horrible with the Mets last year so I'd rather they go for Molina if they're thinking about Mike. He would be a perfect DH, super clutch hitter and is an excellent catcher in case Posada goes down. He's cheap right now and has said he would sit out the year since his agent botched the negotiations with the Dodgers. That's my fantasy at this point. I'm not big on Jorge. I think he's better days are gone now and Molina has a bright future ahead of him.