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Small and Chacon trade numbers

It looks like both of these pitchers will have their contracts done soon:

Chacon, who earned $2.35 million in 2005, asked for $4.15 million for the 2006 season. The Yankees countered with an offer of $3.1 million.
Small, who made $350,000 last season, asked for a raise to $1.45 million. The Yankees countered with $1.025 million.

Both pitchers proved to me that they have the mental make-up to pitch in NY which is 70% (pick your own percentage) of the battle.

Small will do it all for the Yanks as I've previously written. Long relief, short relief and spot start. He's probably better suited at long relief, but he'll do whatever he can to help this team. Usually a career minor leaguer brings that attitude with him when he finally makes it in the bigs. There are certain pitchers that don't have exceptional stuff, but get people out and Small is that type of pitcher. Injuries will probably dictate exactly how he fits in next year

Chacon's stuff can really move and being free of the altitude in Colorado, that's exactly what happened in NY. I never expected his command though. He was able to spot his pitches at will in the brief time he was with us and as the saying goes, "he's no flash in the pan." I think Shawn will win fifteen games next year.