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Remember Sparky Lyle?

I love the Goose and he should be in the Hall, but there was a man called " The Count," that came over on March 22, 1972 from Boston for Danny Cater, (which was one of the great steals of all time) who I loved just as much. Cater played two years for the Yanks and was half decent, but his career fizzled with the Sox and he was gone from baseball in three sub-par seasons.

The Count, on the other hand was instantly a hit in New York, wearing a cape as he came in from the bullpen. Lyle was one of the early building blocks that led to the great teams of 76-78. He went on to win the CY Young award in 1977, posting a 13-5 record, 2.17 era, and 137 innings pitched. He lasted 9 seasons for the Bombers and was really pushed out of pinstripes in favor of Gossage. The Yanks treated him badly back then and he felt betrayed-especially coming off of an incredible year. Who can forget his four plus innings in the playoffs against Kansas City in '77 that helped win us a trip to the series? His line in the playoffs that year against KC:
4 games
0.96 era
9 innings pitched
1 earned run
One of my fondest memories of Sparky was when I had my ear glued to the radio as a youngster and he came in from the bullpen with the bases loaded and no outs. I believe Phil Rizzuto was calling the action and Lyle struck out the side. To this day I always thought it was on nine pitches, but it just might be wishful thinking on my part. Anyway, with all the talk about the Hall of Fame and the Goose, who was as scary a relief pitcher as I have ever seen, I thought Sparky needed to get some much deserved props.