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The Old Out - In

Back from the Big Apple. Saw family, went to a show, got some great Christmas schwag, froze my but off and caught a cold. Even though I live in L.A., NYC will always be home.

That just might be what Alex Rodriguez is going through as the news is that he is now re-reconsidering his stance on playing for the World Baseball Classic. If you remember, A-Rod chose to play from his parent's home country, the Dominican Republic, before backing down and choosing not to play at all. Recent news had him playing for the U.S. team, but Rodriguez poo-pooed that himself. Now he's back in the WBC fold.

This tournament must really be in trouble if they are practically begging for participants. If you ask me, I think a World Baseball Classic should include the league champions from every baseball playing nation, but baseball in late November is probably as un-workable as a baseball tournament in March. There are no standards for who gets to play for what country. The players get no real reward for playing and winning and that ever-present fear of injury holds back many from participating. I love baseball.

A-Rod shouldn't have to play if he doesn't want to (if he can't play for the D.R.). I wish he would just be more up-front about saying no and sticking to it. Now why he wouldn't choose the U.S. team is not my concern. I understand the outrage if he doesn't, but please, A-Rod make up your damn mind.