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Yanks win big 7-3

Shawn Chacon came up big again and the Yanks pounded Zito into the ground to take the series from the A's. Now the Yanks have sole possession of the wild card, dropping the A's a game behind them while Cleveland  two off the pace.

Jeter hit the first pitch out of the park and the Yanks never looked back. Bellhorn got his first hit as a Yank with a bomb in the second and they chased Zito with four more runs.  A quick shower for the lefty was great news for the Yanks. He hasn't beaten us in his last seven starts I believe and the Yanks had his pitch count off the charts early on. Once again Chacon has proved that he can pitch for New York as he showed no fear and silenced the A's bats for most of the game. It looks like Cashman scored big with that trade.

Eric Chavez showed no class in the loss to Aaron Small, calling him a mediocre pitcher. Let's see...Small is 6-0 with a 2.42 ERA. I don't think he's pitching like a scrub.