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Yanks lose 5-3

I'm still pissed writing this, but I'll try. Posada was a nightmare. I don't know why Joe has him batting sixth. He's been horrible all year, a mini-streak not withstanding. I would have had either Sierra or Bernie batting there and put Posada in the eighth spot. I know Joe doesn't like to mess with his players confidence, but Jorge has been a killer all year. With a chance to blow the game open in the first and Wells having control problems, Posada hacks at everything Wells slops up there. He killed two potential rallies. Then as usual he can't throw the ball to second base on Damon's steal in the sixth.

Giambi's bad throw to home gave Boston the extra runs they needed to win, but that's the price we pay to have him in the lineup and we pray that it doesn't bite us. It did tonight, but I'll take that risk. He is one of the big reasons that we made it this far.

Wang didn't pitch badly. His velocity wasn't as high as normal, but he hung in there. Without Giami's miscue he probably only gives up three runs.

The  home plate umpire was horrendous. I got sick and tired of hearing Rick Sutcliffe tell us what a great job Varitek was at framing the pitches. He missed so many it was painful. If he gave Wang the same edge I wouldn't complain as much, but Wang didn't get a call once. As the saying goes-that's baseball. Luckily he's done behind the plate for the rest of this series.

The lone bright spot was Proctor. Is this the game that he finds himself? I never saw him throw a curve like he did tonight. I know it's only one game, but it was a big game and sometimes that's all it takes for a pitcher to get hot. Clearly Sturtze is in Torre's dog house.

My thinking has been that we'll win tomorrow. I felt if Wells pitched like he did tonight we were done. Cleveland and Chicago are tied as I finish up going into the eleventh. I did the best I could still fuming. lol Until tomorrow.