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Open Thread: The Series: Yanks vs Red Sox Preview

Here we go folks, I'm listening to Peter Gammons with Mike and the Mad Dog and it's hard to eat. This Boston team is tough and resilient. The Yanks have been playing the best baseball of the season and I think are ready for the challenge. Wang is as unflappable a rookie pitcher that I have ever seen and he won't be rattled by the Fenway faithful. Wells is one of the best, big game pitchers of all time and is like 14-1 in Boston. Our hope is that his health won't allow his curve ball to dominate. The Yanks did pummel him early, but he recovered against the Bombers later in the season.

Saturday features Randy Johnson against Tim Wakefield. Johnson has beeen dominating of late and sports a 4-0 record against the Red Sox this year. The bright, high sky in the afternoon should make it that much more difficult for the Boston hitters to see the ball. He nuetralizes Damon, Ortiz and Nixon will most likely not be in the lineup. Wakefield always gives the Yanks fits. He struck out twelve of them in his last game which was a career high. This game is the Yanks best chance at a win I believe.

Sunday we have Schilling and Mussina. Who knows what either will bring and depending the outcome of the first two games, it's all hands on deck. As a Yankee fan, I would love nothing more than have Schilling get lit up to keep his mouth closed.
Does baseball get any better than this? If Boston sweeps the Yanks are done. If the Yanks take one, there will be a Monday playoff game. If the Yanks sweep, Boston is most likely out of the playoffs. If Cleveland takes two of three and so does Boston, then there will be a Monday and Tuesday playoff game to decide who goes.

The Yanks have Mariano, but I give the slight edge to Boston because of the home field advantage.