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Let the games begin

Yanks smash Baltimore 8-4 and the Red Sox comeback and get a much needed 5-4 win. Guess who carried them? Manny and Ortiz. So now we head into Boston with a game lead and three to play. Our rotation is set up as good as we could hope for and Mariano is rested. My concerns are of course with the bullpen.

Sturtze gets a big out in the seventh, but can't get out of the eighth which forces the Yanks to use Gordon. That is our biggest problem. Who do we turn to other than our big two? Your guess is as good as mine. It has to be Tanyon, but how can any of us feel safe with that thought. Proctor has the stuff, but never seems to put back to back performances together. Leiter? Please no. Embree? Ulcer time. Rodriguez? Break out the booze. Jaret Wright? That Amityville Horror thing has got me freaked.(lol) It has to be Sturtze. He's been there before and pitched in Fenway under rough circumstances. That makes me real queasy.

The only chance we have I believe is if our starters give us at least seven inning a game in Fenway. Boston has similar problems with their pen, but we're in their house. The one game lead is huge and if there is a playoff game we have the advantage with Chacon against Arroyo. See you tomorrow.