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Big Yankee Win: 11-3

It's big because Boston has to play a double dip tomorrow. It's always harder to sweep a double header and hopefully the day will tire them out a little more than normal. Toronto, please make them use their bullpen all day... With sugar on top.

Randy Johnson pitched six pretty easy innings and with the help of A-Rod's three rbi's and Giambi's three run blast, the Yanks took over sole possession of first place. The Yanks benefited from ten walks by a team that can't wait for the season to end. Will they sleep walk the rest of the series? The Yanks can't afford to pull a snoozer this series. A well rested Rivera and Gordon could be the difference in the series against Boston because that's our edge over them at this point. I know it's a game at a time, but all signs point to the weekend.

Cleveland has to face Tampa and that will be a rude awakening for them. Watch Lou take at least one game and if the Indians aren't careful, Gomes and Cantu will put a hurtin' on them.