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Yanks breeze 5-0

Shawn Chacon pitched another brilliant game against Toronto and the Yanks easily kept their one game lead intact. I heard an interesting fact tonight on ESPN. I think this was the fourteenth combined shutout the Yanks have hurled which leads the league. In a season where our pitching has been so erratic, that's a crazy stat to lead in. Chacon's performance helped rest Gordon and Rivera another day and laid the ground work for a strong bullpen down the stretch.

The two things that have hurt us all year have been our strenghts during this run-pitching and defense. A-Rod has turned into a gold glover at third, while Jeter's throws have been a little erratic, he's been solid and Crosby made a web gem in the ninth. Matsui suddenly has regained his form in left and even Bernie has been making the plays in the outfield of late.

I'm still worried about the injuries to Giambi and Sheffield, but for what I understand Jason wanted to play tonight.