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Bubba Wang

What a combo. Wang has to be in the rotation to the bitter end. Forget Mussina or Wright. Mussina might have a big game left in him, but because of his injury I don't think it's worth it to use a start to get the rust out. This kid is unflappable. He throws hard, throws strikes and doesn't panic.

Bubba has raised his average to .278 and suddenly isn't an automatic out anymore. His defense is solid and he has good speed. Randy Winn would have been a great pick up at the time, but the way Lawton has played, Bubba stays parked in the outfield. Hopefully Sheff well improve enough to play out there again because his DH'ing leaves Sierra's bat on the bench and he just started to swing good again.
Tomorrow's start is huge for Schilling. He couldn't follow up his fine outing against the Yanks and tanked. If Boston is going to hold on, they need the "bloody sock" to pitch well. Tampa has been playing rock em' sock em' robots with both of us. Lou is laughing his ass off.