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Yanks win 1-0

Good pitching and good defense wins games late in the season and the playoffs. Today the Yanks had both and  held on for the win. A-Rod turned in a great around the horn ninth inning double play to end the game. With Rivera not available, Tom Gordon put the first two batters on in the bottom of the ninth, but he struck out Koskie and A-Rod stabbed Hillenbrand's grounder and turned the double play for the win.

Shawn Chacon went eight strong innings allowing only four hits and one walk and showed that he belongs on this team.

After a wild, run filled game last night it's so typical to follow it up with quiet bats. Sojo ran the Yanks out of an inning in the top of the sixth, stupidly trying to score Matsui from first on a double by Posada. I love an aggressive third base coach, but Sojo has been getting too many men cut down at the plate by ten feet.

Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon are 13-3 combined. Posada is starting to get on one of those streaks he used to have. Bernie drives in the only run.