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Yanks rally for 9-5 Win

Aaron "bleeping" Small won his eight game with no loses and Robinson Cano crushed a grand slam to lead the charge as the Yanks overcame a 5-1 deficit. A-Rod followed Cano's granny with a monster two run shot to give the Yanks a 7-5 lead and the game.

Embree is slowly starting to turn into a reliable lefty out of the pen as he struck out Crawford to end the seventh. Small wasn't great, but still managed to get the job done after giving up a three run HR to Gomes in the bottom of the fifth He might be the type of pitcher that a team just wins for. Cano is getting his stroke back and has raised his average almost twenty points this month. I still like him in the two hole and Matsui in the five, but your guess is as good as mine when it comes to Torre.
With the A's beating Boston and Detroit beating the Angels; the Yankees find themselves only a game and a half out of first place. Oakland and (cough) LA are tied for first while Cleveland remains a half a game ahead of the Bombers.