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Yanks sqeak by: 6-5

Wang kept his pitch count down and held on for his seventh win with some good bullpen work from Embree, Gordon and Rivera to take another game from the dreaded Devil-Rays.

Derek Jeter got the game winning bases loaded two out, two run single in the seventh to break a 4-4 tie. This is the type of game the D-Rays would have found a way to beat us a week ago, but I liked the fact that Joe stuck with Wang as long as he did and didn't turn the ball over to a very inconsistent Sturtze to open the seventh. When Tanyon did come in, he hit Cantu with his first pitch in the elbow. Torre saw enough and pulled him immediately for Gordon who got out of the jam.

"Rod" Cano is getting hot with the bat again as his average has slowly climbed back to .287. Even though he failed in the seventh with the bases full, he did drive in two runs with a hit in the fifth.