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17-3 Laugher

A win is a win. I don't care what the score is at this point. These types of games drive up the teams stats and make them look more dangerous than they really are. We need timely hitting and good pitching not blowouts. I'm not complaining, but we should slap Tampa around every game like this. What an embarrassment the Yanks have been playing the Devil Rays. If we don't make the playoffs, old Lou will be whistling in the streets of Tampa.

Thankfully, Jaret Wright settled down after almost blowing the five spot we put up in the first and coasted through six mop up innings after that. If Wang pitches like he did earlier in the season, I would move him ahead of Wright in a New York hot second.

Who would have thought Jason Giambi would have hit thirty home runs this season? The Yanks picked up a big game on Boston, while Cleveland still has the lead in the wild card by a game. The A's are slipping, but I'm still rooting for them to overtake the Angels.