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Yanks bullpen smells like bad fish

Yanks lose 5-1. Jaret Wright was throwing a good game when he took a liner off of his right shoulder in the sixth. So far the X-rays were negative. Did you get the feeling that we were doomed?

Clinging to a 1-0 lead in the sixth, Sturtze came in and although the umpire blew a called third strike on Sexson, he allowed the tying run and then gave up the lead with a home run in the seventh to a .200 named M. Ojeda.

Enter our old pal Mendoza. He had a .075 era in Columbus and I didn't even know they called him up. In lightening speed Seattle clocked him for three runs and the Yanks split the series with the lowly Mariners. This team knows how to disappoint like no other Yankee team I've seen during the regular season before. Playoffs not included of course.