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Open Thread:Game-111 Yanks vs White Sox

Shawn Chacon faces ex-Yankee "pain-in-the-rear" Jose Contreras in the middle game of the series. This will be another good test for a guy we'll need to help save our bacon.

Starting lineups

  • S. Podsednik lf
  • T. Iguchi 2b
  • A.J. Pierzynski c
  • P. Konerko 1b
  • T. Perez dh
  • J. Dye rf
  • A. Rowand cf
  • J. Crede 3b
  • J. Uribe ss
  • D. Jeter ss
  • R. Cano 2b
  • G. Sheffield rf
  • A. Rodriguez 3b
  • H. Matsui lf
  • J. Giambi dh
  • J. Posada c  
  • T. Martinez 1b
  • T. Womack cf