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Yanks Slap Jays 6-2

Al Leiter managed to throw a few more strikes today than he has lately and made it to the sixth inning as the Yanks scored early in route to today's win. Alan Embree did his best work too as he retired all four batters he faced today; the big one coming in the sixth with the bases full and two out. He throws as hard as any lefty we've had since the late 90's Stanton and if he throws strikes consistently he will help us.

A-Rod hit his league leading thirty first homer in the first, Jeter went 3-4, and Giambi drove in two as the Yanks salvaged the road trip with this series win and finised 3-3 against Cleveland and Toronto.

In other news Randy Johnson's back is acting up and he may not pitch the next time he's due up.

`He's really uncomfortable,' manager Joe Torre said. ``If it was like this yesterday, he wouldn't have pitched.''

Raise your hand if you think he's been hurting for  a long time now? This would explain a lot, and I hope he rests. Another poster echoed the same sentiments as I do. He's no good to us if he gets punched around like Ed Whitson. Sit him, cross our fingers and hope Small and Chacon keep pitching their butts off until he is comfortable again. The last two weeks of August the schedule is pretty kind to us. We need him in September to get some big wins if we'll have any chance to pass Boston. I don't think the wild card will be up for grabs now that the A's are rocking.