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Open Thread: Game 107-Yanks vs Jays

Aaron Small goes for his third win in a row. He pitches against Gustavo Chacin who's having a nice season for Toronto.

Starting Lineups

  • D. Jeter SS
  • R. Cano 2B
  • G. Sheffield RF
  • A. Rodriguez 3B
  • H. Matsui LF
  • J. Giambi DH
  • J. Posada C
  • B. Williams CF
  • A. Phillips 1B
  • R. Adams SS
  • F. Catalanotto LF
  • V. Wells CF
  • S. Hillenbrand 1B
  • C. Koskie 3B
  • G. Zaun C
  • E. Hinske DH
  • R. Johnson RF
  • O. Hudson 2B

Sheffield's now denying some of the allegations that are attributed to him in the new article. The writer says he has him on tape. More will be revealed...