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Yanks rally for win in ninth 4-3

A-Rod and Giambi saved our bacon tonight. Down two runs in the ninth, A-Rod bombed a homer off of Wickman with one out and Giambi hit his second home run of the game to snatch victory from defeat.

This would have been another bad loss in a long line of a season full of disapointments, but for one night anyway the Yanks prevailed. Shawn Chacon pitched another fine game and if not for a walk by Embree and a two out Hafner hit against Gordon he would have had the win. Chacon is clearly a much better pitcher than he had shown in Colorado and Cashman might have struck gold with his pick up. Rivera came in and made easy work of Cleveland for his 27th consecutive save.

If we had lost this game it would have been a disaster. Boston and Oakland had already won and we are at the point where we can't afford to blow leads.

Here's the Boxscore

The Crystal Ball will be coming out tomorrow as I have a strong feeling about the weekend series against Toronto.