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Yanks home run happy in win over Mariners

Mussina didn't have it, Aaron Small did and the heavy lumber bailed us out tonight.

Giambi kept up his torrid pace with another two monster home runs and drove in five more RBIs. (eleven in two games) A-Rod and Lawton also homered as the Yanks came back from a 4-0 hole in the top of the fifth and won a ballgame we had to have. With Oakland, Boston and Cleveland all winning tonight, it was imperative that the Yanks didn't let this game slip away.

Mussina is a puzzle. Does anyone trust him to win the big game now? To be honest, I didn't think Small had it in him to come out of the pen and keep the game close, but he did. If he can do that regularly I can see Sturtze being demoted in Joe's plans.