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Yanks decline Bernie's option

The Yanks chose to decline the option, a decision that was announced on Tuesday.

That's no surprise to anyone. The Yanks weren't going to pay Bernie that much money next year. This season I've been pulling for Bernie and Moe to make it to the playoffs one more time together since they have been here for the whole run. They deserve to get one more chance at winning a ring because these guys are what the Yankee tradition is all about.
True professionals. This year has been particularly hard on Bernie as his skills have declined and in a way reminds me of Paul O'Neil at this point in his career.

You know how frustrated he must feel watching guys like Tony Womack and Melky Cabrera look foolish in center as he keeps his mouth closed the whole time? I do know that if he gets the chance to come up big in the right situation, Bernie will do just that. Am I being a blindly loyal fan to the hilt? You're damn right, but Bernie deserves that much from us. He has had such a great run in pinstripes that I hope he gets the chance to shine one more time in the big lights. If he plays here next year, someplace else, or retires, I'm looking forward to Bernie Williams Day in the Bronx.