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Gimabi Clean -Bonds Still Mean

I've noticed that ever since Giambi got his stroke back there's been rumblings just below the surface that Giambi suddenly looks bigger again. Of course the hints are pointing to the fact that since Jason hit fourteen home runs in July he must be juicing again. George King says that he's come up clean so far.

The Yankees have been tested three times since reporting to Tampa for spring training. Once during spring training, again in April and last week.

Bruce Jenkins blasts Bonds in his latest column for

It must be nice to have a working relationship with your superstar. Bonds has embarrassed the team all season, to the point of cruelty, by keeping his medical affairs to himself. He has insulted trainer Stan Conte, one of the best in the business, while offering up management as an out-of-the-loop laughingstock around the game. This latest stunt, announcing he's done for the season within hours of the trading-deadline's expiration, was downright sinister.

I said in an earlier piece that it was the writers that felt contempt for Barry. Well it extends towards his teamates:

It must be nice to be the Yankees, or the Red Sox, or other teams that cut moody superstars a little slack. The Giants' players have no use for Bonds. Most of them hope he never comes back. He made them all out to be stooges this year, waiting for the king to return on his mighty steed, when in fact they would love to win the division without him and never see his face again. (Please, readers, this has nothing to do with writers holding a grudge and inventing some sort of crisis; it's the cold, hard truth.)