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Torre finally criticises Sturtze

I've been complaining about Tanyon for some time now while Joe has been covering for him.

Not today:

Torre singled out Sturtze, who served up a two-run, eighth-inning homer to Mike Sweeney. "We're just trying to get him back in rhythm a little bit," Torre said. "But he's all over the joint right now. It's like he's overthrowing and he's reaching back. He just needs to smooth it out.
"He's throwing the ball good, just smooth it out."

Sturtze is sorely needed at this point for us to win the division against Boston. The one slight advantage we have is in the bullpen, but if Tanyon keeps pitching poorly then we'll lose it and Mariano and Gordon will never have the chance to close out games. If Wang does comes back then he might be able to fill that sixth and seventh inning void.