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Giambi rolls a seven as Yanks win 10-3

Jason Giambi broke out of his August slump with two HR's and seven RBI's as the Yanks finally capitalized on a win from the day before and swept past the Royals.

Bernie knocked in the rest with two hits equaling three RBI's and just missed his own bomb late in the game. If Bernie continues like this, and remember he's always been a very streaky player, the Yanks should have a good road trip.

Watching Al Leiter pitch is as much fun as sucking shots of vinegar while watching the Osmonds, but he managed to get through six innings for the win. Tanyon is not helping us very much lately and his spot in the bullpen could be a real problem for us come September.

The Yanks are in sole possession of the Wild Card spot as the Angels got swept by the D-Rays and the A's jumped into first place. Tampa is on a huge roll and you know Lou will have his guys pumped to be spoilers. At first I thought the Angels would be a lock for their division because of their bullpen, but now I'm not so sure. Ever since Donnelly got busted for doctoring the ball, they haven't been as sharp and have pitched a ton of innings.