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Yanks huge ninth inning rally: Win 8-7

Thank you J. Affeldt for the throwing error that allowed the Yanks to score five runs in the bottom of the ninth as A-Rod singled in the winning run with two out.

Jaret Wright struggled and got roughed up in the "unlucky" fifth inning giving up five runs to blow a 3-0 lead. I couldn't watch the game today, but I listened to the bottom of the ninth and what a great comeback. I thought we had no chance of winning until the error. Affeldt throws a tailor made double play ball into center field that led to:

*Lawton's single to load the bases.
*Tino single to drive in the first run.
*Jeter singled to drive in the second and third runs
*Sheffield doubled to drive in the fourth.
* A-Rod singles to win the game.

Lawton immediately made a contribution and strengthens our bench that is by far the weakest I've ever seen.