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Nice going Randy

Well for seven innings Johnson looked pretty good, he struck out some guys, kept his pitch count low and the White Sox didn't score on him. If we only could have skipped the fourth inning.

The light hitting Sox connected for four home runs in one inning against the little Unit and handed the Yanks another bad loss. Three in a row topped off by journeymen Chris Widger's three run bomb to put a six on the board. Embarrassed much? It's bad because Johnson was supposed to be the #1 we haven't had since Clemens and Pettite left. We all worried that the only thing that would possibly keep Randy down was his health. If it's his health they have kept it pretty much under wraps and Randy looks more like Ed Whitson everyday.

Right now the rotation lines up like:


Aaron Small was banished to the bullpen. I think he'll be back in and Lieter will be out, but who can tell anymore.