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Chacon shines in 5-0 Yankee win

We blast Cashman for the bad moves he makes all the time; well he deserves "mad' props for acquiring Shawn from Colorado well before the trade deadline. Chacon has been nothing but brilliant and today was his best performance so far. I know Chicago is crippled with injuries and slumping, by how often have we seen a pitcher come to New York and implode?

Shawn pitched eight strong innings only giving up four hits, three walks and striking out five.

We got a few breaks today, the first when Timo Perez flared into a double play to short with first and second and no outs in the third with Blum running from second. Did they mess up their signs? The second is when Hernandez threw a ground ball into center field (bad cover by the Uribe and Iguchi) in the top of the fourth that turned a double play into a three run rally.A-Rod got some payback against Hernandez after he dusted him in the second when he doubled to score the other two runs in the inning.

Here's the BOXSCORE