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Yanks out pitch Chi-Town 3-1

Mussina was in fine form last night with an impressive seven innings of work to gain his twelfth win of the season. He spotted his fast ball and I think that kept the White Sox hitters off balance most of the game. That and they can't really hit, especially with Konerko out of the lineup. lol. Bernie looked good in the two hole and Cano seemed renewed batting number nine.

I watched the White Sox broadcast on WGN and I have to say that "Hawk" and JD or JT or whatever his name is (I know but what the heck) have to be the worst team I ever heard by far. I've listened to them over the years and the White Sox are the "good guys" stuff is fine. They can play the home team cheerleader shtick up as much as they like, but these guys complained non-stop in almost every inning about how much the home plate umpire was squeezing the strike zone on Garland, causing him to lose the game. It took them a while to bring Mussina into their equation. The fact was that the umpire's zone was tighter on "Moose" than Garland's. I know Chicago is slumping right now, but I've never heard more dead space on the air after an opposing team gets a hit in my life.