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Bonds is Done

As the steroid mess continues, Bonds says he is gone till next year.

I don't think you're going to see me out there this year,'' Bonds told on Monday. ''That's the reality of the situation. I'm improving. I'm happy with the progress. I'm working out hard on the exercise bike and the elliptical machine, but I'm just not there yet. The last thing I want is to get back on the field and be out again a week later.'

Good Riddance. There is no player that is as hated in the any sport as Barry Bonds is by the sports writers. His press conferences this year have bordered on the surreal. He was a sure "Hall of Famer" before 2000 came along and probably will get in,( unless of course new evidence surfaces ) but am I glad he's gone this year? No not really. I wish he did play so the boos would rain down on his head like a hail storm. The faith-full swimming around in McCovey Cove would still be sucking up to him, but the rest of the ball parks would have hammered his bloated head till it did a Linda Blair. Well...that's wishful thinking on my part, but his missing this year I believe is completely calculated on his part. Barry's goal is to pass Babe Ruth, after that he'll hang up his spikes and let Hammering Hank keep the record.