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Another Bad Loss Part II

This game is the Yankees year in the nutshell. They have the worst bench and bullpen money can buy. It's August 17th. Cashman has two more weeks to fill the holes or we are toast. To be 4-9 (I believe) against the D-Rays is as bad as it gets.

Sturtze has become useless and that leaves us two relievers that we can count on. Cano made the error, but is it possible for our pitchers to ever pick up a guy? I still think Embree will be decent in a limited role, but to have Tanyon chuck the ball over Posada's head for the winning run after Proctor walked the team in the eleventh last night is unbearable.

So now it rests on Cashman's shoulders. He has to bring in somebody (maybe in the plural) that can take the pressure off of Gordon and Rivera or we will have no chance at all. The starting pitching has improved of late and I think will be good enough, but to turn the ball over to what we have in the bullpen now is suicide for this team.

When is Sierra coming back? His bat is sorely missed too.