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Yanks edge up in the standings!

What a sweet night for the Yanks. Wright pitched his best game as a Yank, Oakland loses, and Schilling blows a lead and a game for the Red Sox. The Bombers are three and a half back of Boston and only a game in the loss column behind the A's for the wild card. I never figured we had a shot at the wild card a week a go. Winning five in a row can do that.

I thought it was a mistake to put Jaret back in the rotation, but he proved me wrong. Maybe Tampa is a little smarter than I thought, or just the luck of the Irish rubbed off.

I'm glad to see people on the blog warming up to A-Rod. Chien-Ming Wang out since July 9 with an inflamed right rotator cuff, threw 35 pitches off a mound yesterday in Tampa.