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Wright back in Rotation

What are the Yankees thinking? Aaron Small has given us an incredible lift and we are going dump him for a guy who got smoked in his early season auditions?
Torre said that

 "We rely on the people in Tampa to [say] how he feels; the people in Tampa and on Jaret himself," Torre explained. "If he's ready, I wouldn't use him in the bullpen; I wouldn't do that with a pitcher who's had [previous] shoulder surgery.

"I wouldn't want to put him in a position where he's getting up and down in the bullpen. Starting him really is the safest thing."

Please put him in that position. Build up his arm strength. After you read this article I have to wonder who's pulling the strings-Tampa, George? It's not Cashman. It's not about money. Our bullpen is so bad that Jaret could really give us a lift in that department until he either throws like he did last year or Small loses it.