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Open Thread: Game 115-Yanks vs Rangers

We need Mike Mussina to pitch deep into the game no matter how many pitches he throws. Boston's offense has been on fire during their latest streak and we can only hope that Chicago slows them down in the next two games. We can't fall much further behind if we have any chance of over taking the Red Sox.

Starting Lineups

  • D. Dellucci lf
  • M. Young ss
  • M. Teixeira 1b
  • H. Blalock 3b
  • A. Soriano 2b
  • P. Nevin dh
  • G. Matthews Jr. cf
  • K. Mench rf
  • S. Alomar Jr. c
  • D. Jeter ss
  • R. Cano 2b
  • G. Sheffield rf
  • A. Rodriguez 3b
  • H. Matsui lf
  • J. Giambi 1b
  • B. Williams dh
  • J. Flaherty c
  • T. Womack cf

I thought I would never say this, but losing Sierra has been a major blow to the offense. Batters 7-9 have been pretty useless and who would have "thunk" that the "village idiot" would have ever been missed. We do have the worse bench money can buy.