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Yanks lose another close one: 2-1

Aaron Small continues to amaze with his pitching as he went another strong seven innings ( four hits and seven strike outs), unfortunately it wasn't good enough as Mariano finally gave up a run and the game in the bottom of the tenth. Posada as usual cannot block home plate and Uribe slid under his tag to score the winning run. Normally I wouldn't fault a catcher with this play, but his history is so bad at guarding the plate that I knew Uribe would score on Cano's fine stab and throw.

This series showcased Chicago's strengths which are pitching and defense combined with Ozzie Guillen's fiery personality that they have adopted. Good pitching silences great hitting and Rowand's fine defense in center exposed a clear weakness that the Yanks possess. The Yanks were 1-19 with runners in scoring position and for the series A-Rod was 4-11 with 2 hr's

Don't look for Pavano to return now as he will likely be out for six weeks, but with the emergence of Chacon and Small that might be a plus for us.