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Yanks lose tough one 2-1

Like most of the comments in the earlier post, this was a bad loss.

*No clutch hitting except for A-Rod's hr in the ninth.
*Cano and Sheffield leave Womack stranded after Jeter's perfect bunt in the eight.
*Joe leaves Embree in to pitch the ninth.
*Joe once again mishandles the bullpen.
*Posada does nothing in the clutch again.
*Bernie lines hard to first to end the game.
*Contreras looks like the pitcher we thought we had.
*Chacon's brilliant effort wasted.

We lose a game to Boston in the standings and have to depend on Aaron Small again to come up big. I saw Gordon up earlier stretching, was he unavailable? I would have pitched Mariano myself. Yesterday he threw seven pitches. Joe either likes Felix or he doesn't. He has a good arm, but yanking him as fast as he usually does will not help him...I'm too pissed to write much more.