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Palmeiro busted for Steroids

Rafael Palmeiro has become the first superstar in baseball to to test positive for performance-enhancing drugs, The Daily News has learned.

Will this call into question Paleiro's credentials for going into the Hall of Fame? Many of us who feel that he's been juicing for a while now would hope that this news would force the voters and writers to take a stand against steroid abusers. Rafael will probable become the test case to see if this happens. He'll deny it of course and say he didn't knowingly take them, but that does not wash with me.

I'm very happy that Giambi has found the stroke again and is helping the Yankees back into contention, but I am totally against his inclusion in the Hall if he were to go on to hit over five hundred home runs and re-establish himself as a premier player in the game. Jason is tainted for life in my eyes. Do I want to see him succeed now? Of course. Do I want all of the juice heads to get well? Yes I do, but no way should they be given any type of honors for the rest of their careers. They forfeited the luxury to be part of base ball's legacy when the doping began.