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Open Thread: Game 86: Yanks lose 8-7 to the Indians

Darrell May was horrible and the bullpen didn't help. Sturtze gave up the deciding run in the top of the ninth and is turning into Paul Quantrill. What has happened to him? Tanyon was pretty good last year and started this year very solid.

Joe blew this game.

Ruben hits a monster shot to make the score 8-7 in the bottom of the ninth. Bernie and Jeter get on with no outs and Cano comes up to the plate. Torre has got to bunt the runners over. It forces the Indians to walk Sheffield with A-Rod and Godzilla next in line with the bases jacked. What was he thinking? I love Cano, but you can't expect him to come up with a big hit when the smart play was to move the runners over. Cano hits into a double play and that was that.

I thought this would be the game to lose, but it's frustrating to watch another contest slip away that should have at the least been tied. With Boston getting hammered by the O's, the Yanks could be staring down at the throats of the Red Sox.
Click HERE for the boxscore