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Open Thread: Game 86-Yanks vs Indians

Today could be the game that we'll lose unless our offense keeps up the blitz. Can May get us to the sixth without giving up more than five runs? If he does we'll have a chance to keep the streak alive.

Starting Lineups

  • G Sizemore CF
  • C Crisp LF
  • T Hafner DH
  • C Blake RF
  • J Hernandez 1B
  • J Peralta SS
  • A Boone 3B
  • J Bard C
  • B Phillips 2B

  • D Jeter SS
  • R Cano 2B
  • G Sheffield DH
  • A Rodriguez 3B
  • H Matsui LF
  • J Giambi 1B
  • J Posada C
  • R Sierra RF
  • M Cabrera CF