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Yanks win sixth in a row 5-4

The Yanks moved into second place for the first time in a long, long while. This win was typical Yankee basball. Good pitching, defense and timely hitting.

Chien-Ming Wang is the star of the game. He gets us to the seventh inning again and records his sixth win. Wang reminds me a little of Mariano because he basically uses one pitch, a moving fastball that keeps getting good hitters out. After the lead off home run to  Sizemore, Wang settled, got a few double plays and as usuall never lost his cool.

Giambi is 8-12 at home so far and got a hit and an rbi to keep his resurgence alive.
Melky looks pretty comfortable out there for a twenty year old and got the second hit of his young carreer. Who said the Yanks had no minor league talent? Where would this team be right now without Cano, Wang and maybe Cabrera?

Franklin also threw an impressive 1 1/3 innings. I know he's bounced around the league, but he's definetly better than any of the other lefty "batting practice" pitchers we have thrown out there. His good work helped keep the bullpen fresh, because tomorrow could be a magic carpet ride with May pitching.

Mariano finally gave up a run to make it close in the ninth.