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Open Thread: Game 81: Yanks vs O's

Wow...what a game yesterday! Yanks 13-8 win

I thought Sturtze might make it through five innings but tired out in the fourth. I couldn't get too mad at the guy for giving it his best. I knew we would have to swing some heavy lumber yesterday to win because of Proctor and Anderson's inexperience. They have pretty good live arms, but will nibble and play games instead of letting it loose. Posada called a pretty bad game, especially asking for those breaking pitches to Fasano on 3-2 counts. The walks drove me nuts.
That said, who here celebrates every time Bernie comes up with a big hit?

With the way the team has played, what a miracle to be only four games back. If you believe in jinxes and omens, this certainly is a good one. Today's game could be a carbon copy of yesterday's with Randy Johnson and Rodrigo Lopez pitching on three days rest

What has happened to Matsui in the outfield? We all know avout the ankle, but my God...he's taking horrrendous routes to the balls and butchering them all.

Good first inning from Johnson. His slider had a nice bite to it and Giambi actually was able to bend over and snare a ground ball.


Giambi just hit another home run. 1-0 Yanks. Is he coming back? 3 hr's in two games and he's hitting over .340 in his last 19 games I believe.