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Yanks huge comeback:: Beat Angels 8-7

WOW, what a game. Is the wicked witch of the west finally dead against us?

After Gordon's latest meltdown, I thought we were toast. When Franklin held down the fort by pitching out of a man on third and one out jam in the eight I sensed some hope.

Trailing 7-3, Gimabi pumped some life back into us after hitting his twelfth home run in July, making the score 7-5. Enter the "Sand Man" and he mowed them down in the top of the ninth. I especially loved Rivera coming high and tight to Guerrero, knocking him off the plate twice. That's something the Yanks need to do a lot more of.

Enter K-Rod.
Womack- walk
Jeter- walk
Matsui-double, two rbi's-game over.

Chacon did a tremendous job in his debut. He moved the ball well and if not for Posada's passed ball would have held them scoreless for six. I don't know who said that he throws 91-94 mph. He topped off at 90, but for his first start in pinstripes, he handled himself great. Shawn could be the steal of the trade deadline, but only time will tell.
I thought that Embree threw the ball fine. ( and he will help us ) A bloop hit can happen to anybody, but his error fielding on the bunt really hurt us. I also heard on the FOX broadcast that Boston did try to trade Alan, but he nixed a few deals. Did Embree want to come to the Yanks to get back at his old team?


Every since Donnelly was outed for using pine tar, I've had a few conversations with a long time Dodger and Mike Scioscia fan. He believes that most of the Angel pitchers are doctoring the ball, because Mike ( the ex-catcher ) knows how to do it. Remember, Frank Robinson busted Donnelly and the rumor is that Omar Minaya tipped him off to it. I don't ascribe to conspiracy theories, but I have noticed that K-Rod has stayed away from his fastball most of the time now and relies on that wicked curve and splitter.
Just some Saturday night fun after a great win.