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Yanks win 1-0

Chien-Ming Wang allowed five hits in seven innings and Gary Sheffield drove in the game's only run, leading the New York Yankees over the Detroit Tigers 1-0 Sunday.

You've gotta love "The Wang!" This kid has kept us in most of the games he's pitched so far. He even drilled three batters today which doesn't happen often enough as far as I'm concerned.

These are the types of games we have to win again. The nice, close, well pitched affairs that get turned over to Gordon and Rivera. Wang is as cool as they come, and his fast ball was hitting 95mph on Detroit's radar gun.

We go home with a little juice against the O's tomorrow and hopefully Sturtze can keep it close. With Gordon and Rivera pitching the last two days, we'll need a big game from our offense and probably Anderson and Proctor will be asked to hold down Tejada and his gang.