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IOpen Thread:Game 80-Yankks vs Tigers

Great come-from-behind win last night 8-4. Mussina pitched very effectively except one to Dimitri Young-three run homer. I think Joe pulled him a little early but Gordon and The Sand Man did their jobs.

Tony Womack finally got a big hit (I guess it is possible ) and Bern Baby Bern put the game away with a three run shot off of Percival, a pitcher who has owned him in the past. Detroit could have walked Benie to load the bases and face Bubba Crosby back in the sixth inning with Detroit holding a 4-1 lead at the time, so its really satisfying to watch Williams strike back and drive in the two that closed the gap to 4-3. I wonder if Bernie was thinking about that? The Detroit announcers didn't mention the fact that there was a base open and a relative rookie coming up next.

A-Rod broke his 0-15 and got the eight inning started as he tomahawked an 0-2 pitch for the rally to begin. Sheffield who was terrible early in the game. (I was yelling at him to stop being a baby over the trade rumors and play) Grow up! He scorched a double in the seventh to score Jeter and tie the game.

My man Wang takes Pavano's place today because Carl has a sore shoulder. Who would rather see Wang pitch at this point then Pavano?