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Angels dump Yanks 4-1

The Yanks seem to be the elixer of youth, that very special tonic the con-men of the old west used to sell. Mike Mussina pitched a good game, but gave up two homers in the second inning and that was that.

As I highlighted in my earlier post, the Yanks played foolish baseball in the the third inning and some great defense by the Angels throughout the game was their undoing.

What's wrong with Sturtze? He seems to be hitting a patch where he comes on and and either walks the leadoff batter or gives up a hit. Tonight it was back to back singles that led to the fourth run for LAA and virtually sucked the air out of us after Tino brought the Pinstripers back to within two runs after his bomb in the seventh. The rookie Santana has good stuff and got the outs when he needed them, aided by a generous ump at times while the Yankees couldn't come up with the clutch hit yet again against the Angels. The Bombers lose another game in the standings to the Red Sox as they won on John Olerud's grand slam in the ninth.