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Open Thread: Game 101-Yanks vs Angels

Mike Mussina goes against the rookie Ervin Santana for the Angels. L.A. ( God that's weird ) used six pitchers in their eighteen inning marathon yesterday and hopefully the Bombers can either up his pitch count or pound Santana early.

Donnelly went two.
Yan went three.
Peralta went three.
Shields and Rodriguez pitched one, and only Kevin Gregg didn't pitch out of their pen.

The Yanks are pretty well rested so we have an early advantage in the series. Of course the Angels give us fits whenever we play them so all this speculation might be a moot point.

The Crystal Ball says:

( yea I know it's lame, but the CB has only been wrong once ) I look for the Yanks to take at least two out of three. If the CB is wrong for this weekend then I will retire it with my:

Patent leather shoes!