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Here's the Latest in Seattle

I checked the Seattle Times (free):

Outfielder Randy Winn remains at the forefront of rumors, with the Red Sox and Cardinals joining the fray as the Yankees' interest may be cooling. The Yankees had eyed Winn as a center-field replacement for Bernie Williams. Now they have reportedly decided if they picked up Winn, it would be as a left fielder, with Hideki Matsui moving to center. Meanwhile, injuries to St. Louis' Reggie Sanders and Larry Walker and Boston's Trot Nixon have those teams investigating Winn.

There's a lot of interest from several teams because Seattle has some pitching they can move and everyone covets pitchers. The Yanks will have to act fast if they are going to acquire any bullpen help from them. Factor in that the Yanks moved so quickly to get Chacon puts added pressure on the Red Sox and others to make a move.

Randy Winn probably can be taken a little easier if the Yanks choose to go that way. Will he really help? If he was strictly a center fielder I'd say yes, but he's playing left now and that would move Matsui to center. Godzilla has looked a little better in left lately so hopefully his "Manny" style defense was just a blip on the screen.