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Yanks nab Big Win! 4-1

The Yanks saved the road trip today as Mike Mussina pitched well enough to get his tenth win of the season. Coming into this series it was a " most excellent" rummage around the country until Vlad's grand slam on Thursday. Then the Angels do what they always do to the Yanks; make them sweat.

Matsui hit a two run bomb and we scored the third run when Washburn missed first base on a chopper by Tino to give the Yanks a 3-1 lead in the top of the seventh. Mussina turned the ball over to Sturtze who got a lucky ground ball to third base double play in the inning. It was first and second and the runners were going on the pitch which forced A-Rod to cover the bag. The soft grounder rolled right to the base and he threw to first to complete the play.

Gordon made me queasy in the eight until "The Great One" came in and pitched five outs to close the door and preserve the win. With Boston losing the Yanks are only 1 1/2 games out of first and come home feeling pretty good about the excursion. Before they left I think we would have all been satisfied with a 6-5 road trip.