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Burnett to Baltimore Off

ESPN is reporting that:

"San Diego agreed to send first baseman Nevin to Baltimore for pitcher Sidney Ponson, but Padres general manager Kevin Towers said the club had yet to ask Nevin to waive his limited no-trade clause. The Padres acquired third baseman Joe Randa from the Reds and demoted struggling Sean Burroughs to Triple-A Portland."

So it looks like Boston and the White Sox are in the lead for Burnett. I'm no too happy with Boston getting the Marlin pitcher, but he's been injury prone and although he has talent, A.J. hasn't fulfilled his potential as of yet. Nothing coming out of the Yankees camp so far. We desperately need some bullpen help, a center fielder, and another starter would be fine by me. Unless we find someone looking to dump salary that probably won't happen.